Narcissistic Perverse Woman, 25 signs to identify and recognize her

Femme perverse narcissique
Signe pour identifier une femme perverse narcissique

We often talk about victims of male narcissistic perverts but much less about victims of female narcissistic perverts. At Follow the Zebra, we like to defend minorities. We are the first blog on neurodiversity and we were interested very early on in this disease: the perverse narcissistic personality disorder which does enormous damage to neuroatypical people.

Definition of a Narcissistic Pervert

The term Narcissistic Pervert was proposed by Paul Claude Racamier in 1986 to identify a narcissistic personality disorder taken to extremes. It belongs to the DSM, it is a disease under psychiatric disorders.

What is a narcissistically perverse woman?

Female narcissistic perverts are at least as numerous as men. Just like their male counterparts, they can be found in the professional, friendship, family or love sphere. But how to identify them to better avoid them?

Although some traits vary as we will see later, the majority of the characteristics of narcissistic pervert personalities are the same between men and women.

At the beginning, they give this impression of being both unattainable, as if the fact that they are interested in you is already a kind of privilege they grant you, and at the same time, quickly, they make you believe that they cannot do without you.

Suddenly, they become omnipresent in your daily life. They are always there, physically but especially mentally. They invade your thoughts so much that the only thing you are able to think about is him. They set the pace of the relationship and impose the rhythm.

It’s when they want to, or don’t want to, and you have to adapt to that. This is how the trap is set.


A narcissistically perverse woman will be more patient. She will break less laws, she will take less risk of exposing herself and being found out, and she will not always play on the same psychological strings as a man to belittle her victim.

20 common signs of narcissistic perverts:

  • Sign n°1 : They both have a huge ego
  • Sign #2: They pose as victims
  • Sign n°3 : They do not hesitate to criticize their entourage
  • Sign n°4 : They are true chameleons with multiple faces
  • Sign #5: They always need to be the center of attention and to have all the attention
  • Sign n°6 : They are fine seducers
  • Sign #7: They have a history with other victims and a bad reputation
  • Sign #8: They lack empathy
  • Sign n°9 : They will very quickly want to isolate their victim, to cut her off from her entourage
  • Sign #10: They know how to do everything better than everyone else
  • Sign #11: They have high self-esteem and overestimate their own abilities
  • Sign n°12 : They use gaslighting with verbal contradictory injunctions to keep their victim in the dark
  • Sign #13: They sow discord, create suspicion and divide and conquer
  • Sign #14: They lie like they breathe
  • Sign #15: There is a very strong dissonance between their words and their actions
  • Sign #16: They don’t take responsibility for anything and blame others for their failures
  • Sign n°17 : They are moody and have frequent mood swings
  • Sign #18: They can’t stand frustration, being told no, or standing up to them
  • Sign n°19 : They are the only masters of the discussion, they can cut it short at any time or refuse a discussion that annoys them
  • Sign n°20 : They make their victims emotionally, materially and financially dependent

Specific characteristics of narcissistically perverse women

Narcissistically perverse women have an even more devious way of playing with their victims. From the beginning of a relationship, she will immediately be in seduction. A narcissistic pervert woman is not necessarily a beautiful woman but she is a charming and charming personality.

5 specific signs of female narcissistic perverts :

  • Sign n°21 : a great power of attraction and seduction
  • Sign n°22 : a woman child who must be protected
  • Sign #23: sex as a weapon of control
  • Sign n°24 : a woman who succeeds socially and professionally and who shows it
  • Sign n°25 : an assumed infidelity under the pretext of freedom
To remember

The signs of the narcissistic pervert woman are very similar to those of the NP man, but she is more discreet because she is often more patient.

At the time of the creation of Follow the Zebra, Mel Poinas, founder of the blog, already had the intuition that there was a link between HPI and toxic relationships. The testimonies of the readers only confirmed his observation.

If you are interested in the relationship between Gifted and narcissistic perverts you can read our article: Gifted and narcissistic perverts, personalities that attract each other.

You will also find in Mel Poinas‘ book, Follow the Zebra, the explanation of this dependency link between HPI and narcissistic perverts and how to get out of it.

Le livre

Écrit par une HPI !
Un témoignage et des solutions concrètes pour découvrir, comprendre et apprendre à vivre en étant HPI.

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More information on narcissistic perverts?

To go further, we propose you the list of the 30 typical behaviors determined by the specialist of manipulators and toxic relationships, Isabelle Nazare-Aga.

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