30 characteristics of the perverse narcissistic individual

Because one informed gifted person is worth two!

I’ve created Suivez le zèbre for two reasons:
– Firstly, I had just discovered that I wasgiftedand I was a bitconfused, so I felt the need to talk about it.
– Secondly, j’ I had been confronted several times with narcissitics pervertspersonnalitiesand I wanted to understand why I tended to be fascinated by this type of profile.

The need to understand everything

And here again, I needed to understand my relationship with this manipulative person and why gifted people and narcissistic perverts are attracted to each other.

When I don’t understand, I search. I searched and came across several specialists. I made a list of books to read about NPs: HERE (if you want more information).

In these specialists, I discovered Isabelle Nazare-Aga. She is the one who made the famous list of the 30 characteristics of the narcissistic pervert

Discover the 30 characteristics of the narcissistic pervert personality

Isabelle Nazare-Aga drew up 30 characteristics of the narcissistic pervert. She published this list in 1997 following her research on manipulators. This list applies to both men and women.

Why this list of characteristics of manipulation?

The purpose of this list is to help people who have doubts about the person they are dealing with, whether in a romantic relationship, a friendship or at work.

If you find at least 14 criteria out of the 30 characteristics that make you think of the person in question, he or she is indeed a manipulator.

If you score more than 20 out of the 30 characteristics, you are probably dealing with a narcissistic pervert.

High Learning Potentials and Narcissistic Perverts

As gifted people, we are particularly attracted to this kind of toxic personality. This is why I strongly emphasise the relationship between us, the gifted, the high potential, the zebra and them, the manipulators and narcissistic perverts.

To understand the link between gifted (zebras) and narcissistic perverts, it’s here! 🙂

With this list, when in doubt, I urge you to distance yourself from people with more than half of these characteristics.

For more information on the narcissistic pervert profile I invite you to read the article: here

Here is the famous list by Isabelle Nazare-Aga.

List of the 30 characteristics of the narcissistic pervert profile:

It is not necessarily obvious at first sight to recognise one’s spouse, husband, wife, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend in these characteristics… We tend to be in denial.
Read it calmly, then try to take a step back. You can come back to it later.
When you come back to it, tick off the sentences that make you think of the manipulative person.

The list point by point.

  1. He blames others in the name of family ties, friendship, love, professional conscience.
  2. He defers his responsibility to others, or abdicates his own.
  3. He does not communicate clearly his demands, needs, feelings and opinions.
  4. He often responds in an unclear manner.
  5. He changes opinions, behaviours and feelings according to people or situations.
  6. He uses logical reasons to disguise his demands.
  7. Makes others believe that they must be perfect, that they must never change their minds, that they must know everything and answer requests and questions immediately.
  8. He questions the qualities, competence and personality of others: he criticises without appearing to do so, devalues and judges.
  9. He has others do his messages for him.
  10. He sows discord and creates suspicion, divides and rules.
  11. He knows how to place himself as a victim so that he is pitied.
  12. He ignores requests even if he says he’ll see to them.
  13. He uses the moral principles of others to satisfy his needs.
  14. He threatens in a disguised way, or practices open blackmail.
  15. He changes the subject of a conversation outright.
  16. He avoids or runs away from the interview or meeting.
  17. He bets on the ignorance of others and makes them believe in their superiority.
  18. He lies.
  19. He preaches the false to know the truth.
  20. He is self-centred.
  21. He can be jealous
  22. He cannot stand criticism and denies the obvious.
  23. He disregards the rights, needs and desires of others.
  24. He often uses the last moment to order or make others act.
  25. His speech appears logical or coherent, while his attitudes follow the opposite pattern.
  26. He flatters to please you, gives gifts, suddenly takes care of you.
  27. He produces a feeling of discomfort or unfreedom.
  28. He is perfectly effective in achieving his own goals but at the expense of others.
  29. He makes us do things we probably wouldn’t have done of our own will.
  30. He is constantly the subject of conversation, even when he is not there.

You can find this list in the book published by Isabelle Nazare-Aga in 1997 ‘Les manipulateurs sont parmi nous’ (Éditions de l’Homme).

For more information on narcissistic perverts, I propose several articles on the blog and a dedicated chapter in the book which makes the link between zebra profiles and manipulators.

You can also find more information, resources and tools on High Potential in Mel POINAS‘ book . With a lot of humor, Mel tells the story of the discovery of her High Potential and the routines she put in place to finally find her place!

Le livre

Écrit par une HPI !
Un témoignage et des solutions concrètes pour découvrir, comprendre et apprendre à vivre en étant HPI.

To go further, you can read

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