WAIS 4 test how does it work?

How to take the WAIS 4 test?

You think you are gifted / zebra and want information about the WAIS IV test before taking it, find answers below.

The WAIS IV test explanation

The WAIS 4 test, which comes from the English Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, is a psychometric test that measures an individual’s intelligence quotient and detects a possible gifted person, high potential profile, zebra, philo-cognitive.

The WAIS test is currently in its fourth version, with the fifth version expected to be released by 2025. The WAIS is a measurement scale dedicated to assessing the intelligence quotient of adolescents over the age of 16 and adults.

To take the WAIS 4 test, you must request a psychological assessment from a psychologist specializing in giftedness, (HIP), that is, intellectually precocious children and zebra adults (synonyms: gifted, philo-cognitive and high intellectual potential profiles).

The Wechsler scale curve

The Wechsler scale shows the percentage of the population with respect to a measured IQ.

IQ + 130 gifted HPI Wechsler scale gauss curve

Scaling the bell curve to the Wechsler scale

IQ < to 70: 2.5% of the population
Mental retardation, severe, moderate or mild, with 0.13% having an IQ less than or equal to 55.

IQ between: 13.5% of the population
Low intelligence

IQ between: 68% of the population
Low average to normal and high average intelligence.

IQ between 115 and 130: 13.5% of the population
Superior intelligence

IQ > 130 of the gifted population
High Intelligence Quotient.
Above 145, we speak of Very High Intelligence Quotient (0.13% of the population, 0.0025 above 150 IQ, equivalent to one individual in 5000).

How much does it cost to take the WAIS 4 from a psychologist?

WAIS can be a significant budget.
Depending on the region there can be differences of fifty to a good hundred euros. Today the cost of the WAIS test has increased enormously and it costs between 350 and 500 euros. The delays are also longer.

For my part, in Savoie, the budget was 300 euros for the whole psychological assessment, which corresponds to three sessions:
– An initial one-hour interview
– The WAIS test, two hours
– The correction of the test by your psychologist
– The one-hour face-to-face WAIS debriefing
– The delivery of the booklet with the whole assessment and the results of your tests and subtests

How does the WAIS 4 work?

The WAIS is a series of subtests, some of which are timed and some of which are not.

WAIS 4 HPI test for adults how to pass

The IQ test will focus on 4 major intellectual components of equal importance called indices.

  • The verbal comprehension index
  • The perceptual reasoning index
  • The working memory index
  • The Processing Speed Index

It is with the help of these subtests that the psychologist determines your way of thinking, analyzing etc…

WAIS 4 test how it works

Each subtest of the different indices is scored from 1 to 19.
– 1 to 6 : deficit
– 7: low
– 8 to 12 : within the norm
– 13: strong
– 14 to 19 : superior

Some profiles are very heterogeneous at the end of this test. This is why it remains a point of reference, the only one today! It is relative and still perfectible.

What is a heterogeneous IQ?

A Heterogeneous IQ is when there is a large disparity between the results of your different indices, about 12 to 15 points difference. You may have gaps within your indexes. When this is the case, the psychologist may find it difficult to determine a High Intellectual Potential, however the total raw IQ is still calculable.

When there is a high degree of heterogeneity in the indices, it can be interesting to see with the psychologist if there are no associated DYS (ADHD, Dyscalculia, Dyslexia…) or other disorders.

What is a homogeneous IQ?

A Homogeneous IQ does not show large differences between or within indices. The total raw IQ is easier to calculate.

Where and with whom to take the WAIS 4 IQ test?

To take the WAIS IV you must make an appointment with a psychologist who is specialized in HPI gifted, high potential profiles.

I have started a list of these French psychologists, recommended by the readers of Suivez le Zèbre: here

What are the results of the WAIS 4 IQ test?

The results depend on your progress through the test.

You may have performed well in some indices and not so well in others.
On my side, I had three homogeneous index results and one heterogeneous index.

Be sure to choose the person with whom you will take the test.
It is very important to feel confident.

The margin of error of an IQ test

What is also difficult to assess during the test is how you feel and how the therapist feels. Are you stressed? Are you tired? On the contrary, do you feel good? The choice of the period is crucial when taking the test.

Of course the psychologist has an evaluation grid and criteria so normally the margin of error is not supposed to be huge between two psychologists. Even with a scale, there is a difference between two groups on the same test depending on the place, the time, etc… It may be minimal at times, but it does exist!

To be a zebrais to have extraordinary analytical skills and sensitivity to the world. The number is there to set a limit and validate a category: giftedness.

One does not become gifted, one is born that way

However, we are human beings, not numbers, 132 or 136? 144 or 151? 118 or 124? 126 or 128? 129 or 130? Your functioning will help the psychologist specify his diagnosis if your result does not meet your expectations.

If you feel like passing it, trust yourself, pass it.
One does not become gifted, one is born that way.

Our advice: take the WAIS test in person with a psychologist specialized in High Potential ; above all, do not take paid tests on the Internet, they are scams!

If you want to test yourself and reassure yourself before contacting a psychologist, on Suivez le Zèbre, we offer several free pre-tests without registration to identify a potential gifted profile.

You can also find more information, resources and tools on High Potential in Mel POINASbook. With a lot of humor, Mel tells the story of the discovery of her High Potential and the routines she put in place to finally find her place!

Le livre

Écrit par une HPI !
Un témoignage et des solutions concrètes pour découvrir, comprendre et apprendre à vivre en étant HPI.

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