Testimony of Jenny, In praise of my difference, proud to be a zebra!

Praise for my difference.

Like many of us, Jenny discovered her giftedness as an adult.

I’m so glad she’s agreed to be a guest on Suivez le zèbre, becausein addition to being gifted, she’s also a life coach and blogger (and I think they’re both great jobs) 😀

And also because in real life (when I’m not on the other side of the world with kiwis and sheep, making tartiflettes and chocolate mousse), like Jenny, I’m a Savoyard! And we live just a few kilometers from each other! Coincidence? I don’t think so!

I really want to thank Jenny for this first testimonial from a budding High Potential on Follow the Zebra!
At once touching, authentic and moving, I hope it will give you the courage to share your experience with us and with all those who ask themselves the question, what if I did too?

So just, Thanks Jenny!

Praise for my difference.

“It’s true, life has given me a bonus gift. I have a hyper-wired brain. Now that I’ve discovered this gift, I’m really very grateful. But it was this gift that caused me all these difficulties to overcome. Ironic?

I love who I am. I have this ability to go as fast as Speedy Gonzales to accomplish whatever I want with remarkable efficiency (when I want to), I compare myself to Super Woman and rival her. I do big projects, I’m a workaholic, I’m self-taught and I think for myself. A kind of lone wolf, or ugly duckling, depending on how you look at it.

I also have the ability to see beyond the visible, to remain silent for hours at a time, and in this space words no longer exist, as my raw sensitivity takes me into wonderful, imaginary worlds. Another ability is to want to achieve great things and to want to “revolutionize” the world, because I feel very, very concerned by the happiness of others and the beauty of nature. I love life 10000%, I live everything intensely, passionately.

Here’s a glimpse of what my gift allows me to do on the bright side, when I manage to tame myself.

And yet sometimes I hate myself.
Because there’s always another, less pleasant side, but one that keeps me going. I have to remain vigilant at all times, otherwise I can see him meddling in my life at lightning speed.

Here’s a short, non-exhaustive list:
– anxiety
– perfectionism
– inhibition
– stress
– white hole in my head (that’s when I panic, like in the movie with the lizard whose name I’ve forgotten, who lives in a town called dust. Yes, the Walt Disney film that tries to give a moral lesson because the United States consumes far too much water),
– inability to express myself clearly because I’m looking for the perfect word
– terrible fear of not living up to my illusionist expectations
– no recognition of my abilities
– lack of self-esteem and self-confidence
– shame
– guilt
– sadness
And also knowing how to carry all the world’s misery on your shoulders (yes, I know how to do it, it’s not a pretty sight…).

This profile is the child in me, the little girl unrecognized and rejected. As an adult, I wanted to change it, and I was rejecting myself by doing so. I understood that I needed to accept this part of me that I could never change again. My past is who I am today, so why would I want it to be different, it’s nonsense… So I’m learning to welcome it, to love myself in all my facets.

It was at the age of 36 that I understood where my malaise was coming from, which I attributed to stupidity and nullity. In reality, the evil I was suffering from was my intelligence. How is this possible?

Like so many children, I fell through the cracks because my psychological profile as a “zebra” was not recognized. My wound was not only the non-recognition of who I really was, but I also had to clean up all the wounds passed on by my family (unconsciously), because being an empath, I took everything for myself, like a sponge.

I have this particular profile of being able to hyper-adapt to my environment. And intelligence is not really knowledge, but the ability to adapt through sensitivity.

Touching knowledge, our true nature, is where the joy of living lies.

Aix les bains, zebra confirmed as an adult.

You can also find more information, resources and tools on Giftedness in Mel POINASbook. With a lot of humor, Mel tells the story of the discovery of her giftedness and the routines she put in place to finally find her place!

Le livre

Écrit par une HPI !
Un témoignage et des solutions concrètes pour découvrir, comprendre et apprendre à vivre en étant HPI.

To go further, you can read

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