10 good reasons to watch HPI, the TF1 series about High Potential

I tested for you the HPI series, the first mainstream series to democratize High Intellectual Potential with Audrey Fleurot!

I was very surprised with this series, I was expecting a series of clichés about gifted people and well not at all! Without spoiling anything, I have to admit I was relieved, and what’s more, I enjoyed watching HPI.

Why I loved the HPI series (and why I absolutely recommend it)!

#1 Audrey Fleurot as a quirky, atypical HPI heroine!

Long before this series, I was already a big fan of the actress. His role in HPI finally convinced me. The role suits him perfectly. She’s the perfect embodiment of intensity, strength of character, impulsivity and the too-much side of HPI.

#2 The series’ plot, far from the clichés about gifted people

Admittedly, the script can sometimes seem far-fetched, but it’s fresh, it’s a change and, above all, the character isn’t the stereotype we’re used to seeing: a mathematician with a passion for chess and a NASA engineer. That was my biggest fear when this new series was announced. Especially since TF1 has pulled out all the stops when it comes to communication! It’s aimed at a wide audience, and I was worried that she’d ride the wave of the tortured, maladjusted hypersensitive. But then again, no. It’s a real surprise! So yes, Audrey Fleurot has an IQ of 160 in the series, but, as I often tell you, the figure should remain anecdotal. This is the case. The number just serves to set the scene and make it clear that she has a much higher IQ than the norm, so she’ ll be an unusual character! However, it’s a way of helping to understand part of HPI and what it entails.

#3 High Potential characteristics clearly in evidence

The series is subtle, and Audrey Fleurot’s character takes on the main characteristics of zebras, but it’s not heavy-handed! They are well exposed from the very first episode: very good visual memory, synesthesia (although this characteristic is far from common to all HPI), quick to see what’s wrong, to dwell on details, easy with numbers, poor emotional management, impulsiveness, sensitivity, problems with rules when they don’t make sense, difficulties with authority

#4 As an HPI, it’s easy to identify with the main character

Even though I’m writing this article in the heat of the moment, I can’t remember ever identifying so easily with a character. Maybe you won’t, but I completely recognized myself in Morgane’s character. She’s fun, fresh, with a touching, sensitive, childlike side that doesn’t give a shit. She made me feel good and she made me laugh. Really, I was happy to see this girl as the main character in a mainstream series on TF1. I said to myself, that’s it, we’re making progress! TV series hold up a mirror to society. If we’re able to welcome an HPI (and a woman at that, I admit I’m happy about that too) on TV, then that means we finally have a place in this same society, even if it means looking a bit strange

#5 An unusual character

From the very first minutes, the tone is set. The character is colorful and atypical. Morgane is tall, redheaded and wears eccentric outfits. She lives alone with her three children. Her husband left her because she was often unbearable. She’s funny, quirky, sometimes clumsy. Exuberant, often annoying, even irritating. She has her own rules and she doesn’t respect much. Everything that irritates HPI people in general is brought to the fore, and even exacerbated… It’s easy to see why she finds it hard to hold down a job without lapsing into pathos or pathology. The subject is treated lightly. Morgane embodies a kind of freedom that we envy her (and I’m sure that’s the case in real life for many HPI people).

#6 Apt dialogue, a very promising duo and actors with great acting chops

The dialogue is spot-on, well thought-out and well-written. You can tell the writers have really researched HPI. When I was younger, I was very into Sherlock Holmes and Arsène Lupin, and I rediscovered the spirit of the detective story, with its attention to detail. The duo formed with Mehdi Nebbou stands out from the crowd, but works extremely well. Bruno Sanches and Marie Denarnaud are also excellent in their secondary roles. Beyond HPI, it’s a detective series with cool plots that uses humor as a common thread.

#7 A really nice soundtrack, a feel-good series just the way we like it!

The series kicks off with the Gossip song Heavy Cross, and the tone is set!

It’s a cruel, cruel world to face on your own
A heavy cross to carry along
The lights are on but everyone’s gone
And it’s cruel
It’s a funny way to make ends meet
When the lights are out on every street
It feels alright but never complete
Without joy
I checked you, if it’s already been done
Undo it
It takes two, it’s up to me and you
To prove it
On the rainy nights even the coldest days
You’re moments ago but seconds away
The principle of nature, it’s true but
It’s a cruel world
We can play it safe or play it cool
Follow the leader or make up all the rules
Whatever you want, the choice is yours
So choose

But that’s not the only cool musical reference in the HPI series!

#8, #9 and #10 Reread the three previous reasons!

Come on, I’ll stop spoiling you and let you discover this HPI series for yourself.
We look forward to hearing from you.


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