Right and left brain

Right brain and left brain!

We often talk about the two hemispheres of our brain. There’s debate about right and left brain, and how we use each of our hemispheres.

How can we explain the myth that our personality is linked to the use of one or other of our brains?

We are no more right-brain than left-brain. We use each of our lobes in turn according to our needs.

Right brain, left brain, which use?

right brain left brain illustration

The myth of our personality as a function of our brain use

This is because our brain is symmetrical, just like most of our body. A right arm, a left arm, a right leg, a left leg etc… We used to think that, depending on our personality, we used more of our right brain, associated with creativity, theintuition, the We use our right hand to write if we’re right-handed, or our left hand if we’re left-handed .

How do we use either of our two brains?

When we look at the work of scientists, we realize that the areas of each hemisphere of the brain do not have the same functions, and that they function asymmetrically.

It’s important to know that we use one or the other of our hemispheres depending on the tasks we have to accomplish, whatever our personality. Our two brains communicate with each other.

For example, the language area is at the extreme left side of our brain. From the moment we use speech to communicate, we’re bound to use our left brain.

What’s important to remember is that we’re no more right-brain than left-brain: we use the different lobes of our brain according to our needs in the present moment. As we have evolved, our brain has undergone a lateralization of its functions.

explanation of left and right brain function

Following this pattern, Michel Thiebault, in an article for the doctor’s daily explains that we observe that people who have suffered a stroke will have difficulty recovering functions that are highly lateralized. On theother hand, if the function is well distributed between the two hemispheres, recovery is easier.

So we don’t have a personality based on how we use our brains; cognitive functioning is much more complicated than it seems.

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