HPI, how to feel good at home to feel good in your head?

Create a zen atmosphere to refocus on yourself

Our apartment, a haven for the gifted!

Whether I’m feeling well or not, I love being home! And I love being alone! Well, I’m not really alone, because there’s Léon. But sometimes he’s at the nanny’s… In short, with or without Léon, I love being at home somewhere.oit my mood!

I think my apartment is a true representation of my state of mind… Basically, if I had to mentally imagine my interior, it would be my apartment!

When I visited it, I knew right away that it was him! My zebra resonance works for material things too, and I’m totally into it!

I like to feel at home. I think of my apartment as my cocoon. My wellness area. When I’ve had a bad day, or I don’t know, something gets into my head, I close my eyes and imagine myself at home… I tell myself that after this moment, I’ll go home and relax on my sofa in front of a good series, with Léon, a fleece blanket and a Yankee Candle!


Hygge design, zebra like a Dane!

I love the Scandinavian countries, their state of mind and above all their way of life… So at home, it’s all peace and design!

Why do I advocate Danish, Nordic, Hygge style? Because I find myself completely in it, quite simply? I like the clean, soothing look of this style. For me, being a zebra means rarely settling down, always going full steam ahead. It took me a long time to realize that I needed moments of calm, moments when I do nothing, when I can rest, and above all, rest my brain at the same time.

In fact, I like to be at home to take time for myself. Taking the time to do the things I love. I’ve also learned to accept doing nothing, without feeling like I’m wasting my time or my day…

My apartment is a real refuge for me.

As a result, in my home there are no garish colors, no aggressive objects, just calm, peace and serenity!

How to create a cocooning atmosphere at home?

I’ve always loved decorating, and I’ve had different decorations in each of my apartments. I’m already decorating the 6th floor :D! No, no, I’m not unstable, I don’t know what you’re talking about ^^. And I’m not counting roommates and trips abroad!

But now I feel I’ve found the style that suits me! The deco look perfectly matches my personality.

Authentic, warm, raw materials

First and foremost, I prefer authentic, warm, raw materials. My furniture is made of wood, oak or teak. I wanted noble woods with a bright, warm color, which is why I chose sandblasted and a natural finish. For me, wood is a material that links me to the earth and to nature. Always with the aim of creating an interior that reflects mein harmony with my values!

I love being in the forest and in the mountains, and I really wanted to find that at home.

I love me furniture and decor made from mineral elements such as ceramics, concrete and glass. I deliberately chose furniture with materials and colors that remind me of water and stone.

My worktop is an imitation of rough, dark-gray marble, while my coffee table and desk are made of white and ice-blue cement tiles with oak legs. I’m a big fan of the mix of noble wood and mineral material.

Simple, uncluttered design

I love furniture with a simple, uncluttered, minimalist design and a less-is-more feel. In fact, they could stand on their own!

I also love white and what it reflects. In fact, for me, as for many people ^^, white is purity! But when I think of purity, I see clouds and snow as far as the eye can see… I find it calm, tranquil, soothing…

So it was obvious that the dominant colors in my apartment would be natural ones: white, beige, taupe, gray.

Warm carpets

To create a soothing, soft and warm atmosphere, I laid a 230x160cm dark gray shaggy rug with lighter highlights under my large oak table (a gift from one of my favorite colleagues). The advantage of large rugs is that they also insulate the floor, which is quite practical when you have tiles, and beige ones at that, like me!

I also laid a sheepskin rug just for decoration in front of the TV cabinet, which has since become Léon’s favorite spot in the apartment. He even left his basket behind!

Hair, fleece and alcantara

The use of warm materials, such as animal skin with hair, adds an animal touch to the interior, reminiscent of nature. For me, it’s all about bringing the forest indoors. I really like the deer head trophies and the feather ball pendants.

Always keen to use materials that invite comfort and laziness😀 ; I chose an alcantara sofa. When you run your hand over it, it’s as soft as suede! Even though it’s a synthetic material, its peach-skin look is just super-pleasant.

To reinforce this cocooning spirit, I added black and beige plaids and sheepskin cushions on the sofa. When I get home, all I want to do is throw myself on it and stay there… And obviously Leon too!

Candles everywhere

To cultivate the Hygge and Scandinavian feel, I placed candles throughout the apartment. They’re in every room! From the toilet to the living room, from the bathroom to the bedroom, every room is equipped with Yankee Candle!

As well as smelling too good, it gives the impression ofa warm, authentic light (the flame, I don’t have a fireplace at home yet ^^). Besides, Yankee Candle is a way of life!

Not just Yankee Candle! I also love the big candles and the Mr Wonderful ones, which smell like killer. With my favorite, a gift from my sister.

In this house, all dreams are beautiful!

Pastel and powder colors

Even though I’m a zebra, I try to see life as something other than black and white ;)! I love pastel and powdery colors. I chose two colors, mint blue and powder pink, always in monochrome to stay in the Hygge trend.

Monochrome and pastel help maintain harmony between materials and other colors, while adding a touch of pep!

Subtle, subdued lighting

In terms of lighting, I opted for low-energy, low-light bulbs. First thing in the morning, you don’t have to wake up too suddenly! Then we put up garlands, lanterns and light cubes all over the place! For a cosy effect, indirect light is much better.

I have several different light points in the living room that I turn on according to my mood! Tripod for reading, LED cube when I’m watching a series or a film. And when I’m in the mood for a bit of enchantment, I turn on my string lights– it’s almost pitch black, with only my little lanterns lighting up the living room like stars!

I know, I’m definitely far too romantic!



You can also find more information, resources and tools on Giftedness in Mel POINASbook. With a lot of humor, Mel tells the story of the discovery of her giftedness and the routines she put in place to finally find her place!

Le livre

Écrit par une HPI !
Un témoignage et des solutions concrètes pour découvrir, comprendre et apprendre à vivre en étant HPI.

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