Gifted profiles, zebras, high potentials, between a demanding nature and reassessment!

My gifted career path has taken me from digital marketing and organizational strategy to HR marketing and recruitment issues.

Passionate about human beings and psychology, I quickly realized that very few managers, executives and company directors are familiar with the zebra profile.

Who is the zebra, the gifted, the high-potential employee?

What’s certain is that the gifted employee is clearly an atypical profile in the company!

Strong professional expectations and easily identifiable characteristics.

It is an employee who has a very demanding nature with others, whether with colleagues, direct managers, teams or hierarchies. If gifted people are so demanding of others, it’s first and foremost because they’re so demanding of themselves, and hate failure. One of his biggest fears is that he won’t be able to carry out the mission for which he was hired.

Gifted people have impostor syndrome, always thinking that they owe their successes to chance… or that they don’t deserve the trust they’ve been given because they haven’t done anything exceptional to deserve it? Either he doesn’t think he’s up to the task: fear of failure and, above all, an inability to put failure into perspective…

This self-imposed pressure means that he has very high expectations of the company he works for.

A zebra is willing to work for a company, but only if it deserves it! This mode of operation, very perfectionist, also very dichotomous – it’s a hit or miss – can make him come across as rigid or haughty. Quite simply because the way in which it raises an issue will, for the most part, be clumsy.

A high-potential person has a very strong emotional sensitivity. in a quest for ideal, perfect work,

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