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We’ll start with a quote from Gandhi to get you in the mood. Suivez le Zèbre is a kind and pacifist blog.

It was originally created by Mel POINAS in 2017. After taking the WAIS test, she discovered at the age of 30 that she was HP: High Learning Potential. After her surprise and discovery, she became passionnate about the subject and recounts her experience with a lot of humour and self-mockery.

After a few years, Giftedness became hyper-mediatised and Mel’s blog became the first in terms of audience on this topic. To give you an idea, to date, there are over 2 million readers on the blog!

The blog that democratises giftedness

She then decided to help and accompany all those interested in Giftedness and more widely in neurodiversity. Her eponymous book, Suivez le Zèbre and her comic book, HPI, une vie Haute en couleur quickly became best-sellers with more than 15,000 copies sold! And she made Giftedness, her profession by democratizing it under a positive angle.

Le livre

Écrit par une HPI !
Un témoignage et des solutions concrètes pour découvrir, comprendre et apprendre à vivre en étant HPI.

La boutique du Zèbre

Des livres, des goodies, des accessoires pour se sentir bien au quotidien et (se) faire plaisir !

How do we help you on Suivez le Zèbre?

By trying to simply answer the questions that people in quest for identity may ask themselves as she did at the beginning of her journey:

  • What is being Gifted?
  • What are the main characteristics?
  • Where can we take the test?
  • Is the test an obligation?
  • How much does it costs?
  • How to facilitate relationships with others at home, at work…
  • How can you feel great in your relationship when you have this singular functioning?
  • How to manage your emotions? your hypersensitivity?
  • How can we find a job that suits us?
  • How to make friends?
  • etc, etc, etc


To answer all these questions, we offer you records, resources, tests, tools, personal development, books… in short, CONCRETE things! And, always in a positive way 😎🤩

If at first her family was a bit dubious about the notion of High Learning Potential, when she became interested in Giftedness, Mel quickly realised that she was the tree that hid the forest.

My atypical family!

When there is a neuroatypical in a family, it does not take long to discover others.

In Mel‘s family (Gifted and ADHD), I ask for the goddaughter who is Asperger’s et dysgraphic, the mother who is Hypersensitive, the little cousin who is ADHD and perhaps Gifted, the cousin who is Hypersensitive, etc. An Atypical family as there are many in France!

Genetics and heredity play a role in the transmission of neurodiversity (and we can’t wait for lots of neuropsychologists to prove it!).

Suivez le Zèbre is not a scientific blog.

We are not a scientific blog on Giftedness. None of the team is a psychologist even though we work with many professionals in the world of neurodiversity, including psychologists. If you are looking for studies and absolute truths about Giftedness, you are in the wrong place. For that matter, we are neither for, nor against any school of psychology on Giftedness.

We explain: several well-known neuropsychologists or psychologists are very interested in High Learning Potential: Nicolas Gauvrit, Franck Ramus, Fanny Nusbaum, Olivier Revol, Nathalie Clobert, Jeanne Siaud Facchin, Arielle Ada to name but a few (but there are many others). They provide various studies, write books, give conferences and do not always agree on certain issues related to Giftedness:

  • Is a gifted person hypersensitive?
  • Are we gifted from 125, 130 or is Giftedness a functioning beyond IQ?
  • Can IQ vary over the course of a lifetime?
  • What are the real intrinsic characteristics of a gifted person?
  • Is giftedness hereditary?
  • Does High Emotional Potential exist? Oh yes, they all agree that it doesn’t exist…

But for the rest, there is still debate.

We don’t know which psychologist is right, and that’s not really what matters to us at Suivez le Zèbre. We follow the news and the advances on the subject but we remain neutral. We do not judge, we do not take sides. We are the Switzerland of HPI! 🦓🇨🇭.

Of course, we have an opinion and sometimes we give it, but just because we have an opinion does not mean we are right. It is not our role to know who is right or wrong, others do that very well.

So, what is our role in all of this?

We continue to help you to live well your unique functioning, whatever it may be, so that you can find your place among others. We want to raise awareness and help teachers and medical and paramedical professionals to better understand cognitive diversity. We wish to give visibility to High Learning Potential in the media.

And to do all this, we need you!

Suivez le Zèbre is a collaborative blog. We see the world as a huge hive. It’s no coincidence that our logo is a hexagon, it’s an alveolus! Even if our symbol is a zebra, bees also have beautiful and unique stripes! And yes, we are part of a huge ecosystem in which we are all connected.

Blog’s values!

Follow the Zebra is above all a small tribe of human beings at the service of other human beings!


Around Mel, the alchemist of the tribe, we stir, we move, we are active and we also listen because we love when others inspire us!

The hummingbird, butterfly, zebra, bee, gorilla, cat, frog effect

We are firmly convinced thatwe can change the world and change mentalities together.. So, will you help us?

Never stop believing in your dreams!

Thank you and enjoy your reading on Suivez le Zèbre

Suivez le Zèbre’s tribe

Beware, one zebra can hide another!

Le livre

Écrit par une HPI !
Un témoignage et des solutions concrètes pour découvrir, comprendre et apprendre à vivre en étant HPI.

La boutique du Zèbre

Des livres, des goodies, des accessoires pour se sentir bien au quotidien et (se) faire plaisir !

Notre test sur la piste du HPI

Un doute ? Une hésitation ?
Un test en ligne ne vaut pas un psy mais il peut rassurer avant d’envisager de passer le WAIS.
Accessible dès 1 euro et sans inscription.

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