Love and relationships when you are gifted!

And it is sometimes in a look and a smile that the words we have never been able to say are hidden.

To live with a gifted person!
Love when we are gifted, what an adventure. I thought it deserved a category of its own.
The only thing we really need in this crazy world (apart from eating and drinking) is Love. Love of oneself, but also love of others, and love of the person with whom you share your daily life.
Gifted love is intense.
The search for meaning, even in one’s relationship. Loving the whole person.
Feeling connected, physically and mentally.
We have high expectations in Love, which makes us demanding, sometimes harsh but also so generous.
The need to share, to exchange, to make plans, to grow, to make people happy. The need to merge, which contrasts with the need to refocus on oneself at times…

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